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   BioInfo Bank は、バイオ関連の専門情報サイトです。

BioInfo Bank とは?

 九州工業大学情報工学部教授 皿井明倫博士らと数年以上に渡って共同開発した、我が国独自の蛋白質・核酸に関するバイオ情報データベース群。国際的な利用に答えるように全文英文で開発されています。
BioInfo Bankは次のようなデータベース群から成っています:
生体分子統合DB(3DinSight [PDF:228MB]
蛋白質熱力学DB(ProTherm [PDF:84KB]
蛋白質・核酸認識DB(ProNIT [PDF:80KB]
生体分子・リガンド相互作用DB(ProLINT [PDF:87KB]

開発経緯 −For the Progress of Biotechnology in 21st Century and Human Life−

Due to the extensive development of biotechnology and molecular biology in the last couple of decades, a diversity of several thousands of millions of bases, composed of only four types of them has been discovered in human genome. The next important task for the human molecular biology is to determine the structure and functions of the proteins coded by these bases- only 10% of which has been accomplished so far.
It is amazing that the proteins- the closest thing to the human, in fact a part of him- has been the least known of all the scientific knowledge.
Several databases have been developed by us by scanning through a huge unorganized see of knowledge spread all over the world of journals and other sources. These databases have been developed at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research of Japan and subsequently at Kyushu Institute of Technology under the leadership of Prof. A. Sarai and Advanced Technology Institute headed by Dr Y. Kubota. These databases are huge and are growing everyday. Advanced Technology Institute is also developing effective and intelligent search and modeling systems to retrieve, organize and understanding these knowledge bases.
Protein world is even more complex than the genome world as this is made of 20 amino acids in comparasion of 4 based in genome. It is impossible to design medically important proteins, or drugs without a thorough knowledge about the structural proterties of proteins, their thermodynamic behaviour and how they respond to the change in environmental conditions. Therefore this project of databases is essential to improve our understanding of biotechnology, develop new medications, and other related applications.